A U C l o u d


Companies are at risk now more than ever before.
Doing nothing is no longer an option.

Companies have spent the last decade securing and improving their IT systems, in an effort to protect their businesses and clients. For this reason, hackers have changed their approach, increasingly targeting staff & exploiting human error. AUCloud offers a complete solution to test, train, measure and reduce human risk.

90% due to human error

Over 90% of successful breaches are due to human error. All it takes is a click of one link.

$20 billion in damages

Ransomware damage to companies are predicted to reach $20 billion by 2021.

91% begin with phishing

Phishing attacks are the number one attack vector leading to a breach.

Library Of Security Awareness Material.

Keep cyber security front of mind with engaging awareness posters around the office.
Get access to an extensive collection of print-ready high definition posters.

Deliver short, engaging online training to your
team and measure their engagement and compliance over time.

90% of breaches are due to human error!

You can significantly reduce your cyber risk by providing awareness training to your team. Staff are invited to your training program via an email invitation and sent one training course each month. Staff engagement and completion is tracked and available in dashboard reporting.

Training Topics

Password Management

Clean Desk Policy

Physical Security

Email Security

Phishing & Spear Phishing

Smart Social Media Use

Safe Remote Working

Being Secure Online

Secure Online Banking

Information Security

Social Engineering


Public Wi-Fi Use

Watering Hole Scams

Safe Fund Transfers

Mobile App Security

IOT Device Security

Reused Passwords

Secure Business Email

Email Misdelivery

Identity Theft Issues

VPN Security

Smishing Threats

B.E.C Training

Macro Threats

PCI-DSS Training

Privacy Principles

GDPR Compliance

Meaningful reports to measure reduction in human risk

Security awareness is no longer about ticking the box, its critical that it empowers cultural and behaviorally change. Our powerful reporting engine measures engagement and monitors risk trends highlighting at risk employees and departments.

Providing short, engaging videos on a regular basis is proven to reduce your human cyber risk, and help build a cyber aware culture. We've seen an average 80% reduction in risk from baseline reports within only 4 months!

Measure engagement not completion

Our behaviorally analytics engine will monitor employees engagement, going well beyond typical risk compliance metrics.

Identify at-risk employees

Measure engagement and results over time, to determine risk trends. Provide additional training to at-risk employees and departments.

Training On Auto-Pilot

Setup your entire training program in one day with the help of our account management team. Then sit back and let it run on auto-pilot!

Smart Enrolment

Ssmart enrolment will determine an individual's risk profile and provide them with a tailored training program.

Meaningful Detailed Reports

Access reporting that gives insights to take action on. Drill-down into specific reports and export data for complete reporting flexibility.

Gamification System

Foster a cyber aware culture through positive engagement. We offer leaderboards, monthly security champion alerts, and certificates on course completion.

Easy Learner Management

You can easily enrol staff via an active directory sync, manually or via a CSV upload. If you have developers you can also manage enrolment with our fully featured API.

Watch Anywhere & Anytime

Give staff the freedom to watch training material on any device, at any time. Our learning platform supports all devices and is optimised for low bandwidth.